Upcycled headband

Two minute headband

Two minute headband

Crafting a Green World had a great post about upcycling men’s ties. I mean, really, how many men still wear ties? My husband might wear three a year. Yet he has more ties than shoes. This may say more about his shoes than his ties though.

Making a headband

So anyway, after seeing a great shamrock tie at the dollar tree, knowing I couldn’t give it to my husband since he already has way too many, I decided to make it into something for me usingĀ  5 Minute Headband tutorial.

shamrock headband craft

shamrock headband craft

Honestly, I think it took more like two minutes, and that included threading the machine! It was the definition of easy, looks good enough to give as a gift (or sell for the Etsy people out there), and unlike all the other headbands I own, it doesn’t either slip off or constrict my brain. WIN! I love this upcycled headband.

Have you made one? Have another project with ties? Leave a comment and link to your project. I’d love to see them.


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