Upcycled DIY Gifts Roundup

I love a good DIY gift. It’s heartfelt, I know the person spent time on me. I also love giving them. they are often cheaper than a store-bought gift, I enjoy doing them. I stumbled across a round up of upcycled baby gifts that got me started. these are all gifts people can buy, but just by looking at the pictures i can see how to make most of them.

Upcycled Projects roundup

Check out these sites for great upcycled DIY gifts you can make or buy from the people that do.

17 upcycled baby gifts -  I love the teddy frankenstien-ish animal.

17 gifts from recycled materials – I love the belt floor mat and I’ve done ‘let your book take wing’ printing images on book paper for decor in my sewing room, though this is the first example I’ve seen in color.

100 upcycling projects – a short description of how to do 100 different upcycling projects, some of which can be gifts

upcycled gift wrapping ideas – these are oldies, but goodies. wrapping is the first thing people see, so make it count.

Upcycled Shops

fair indigo – a shop where you can buy upcycled gifts if you don’t have the time to make your own

Uncommon goods – another shop filled with reclaimed and recycled goodies


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